How to Plan the Ultimate Family Vacation

Children. Their innate sense of curiosity, infectious excitement and engagement with the people around them sets the stage for unexpected experiences and surprising encounters that often make for some of our most memorable moments.

Traveling with kids also comes with its own set of challenges. The first is finding a destination that can accommodate a variety of ages and interests. “Nothing in life,” famously quipped Jerry Seinfeld, “is fun for the whole family.” That might be true, but with a little inspiration, and some thoughtful planning, it is possible to organize a family vacation that has something for everyone. Here are some child-proof tips for planning your next all-ages adventure.

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Start Early

As any professional travel planner will tell you, the earlier you start planning, the better, especially if you’re traveling with a large group. This will give your family more options, from types of accommodations to available dates. Nothing can sink a trip like having to squeeze people into a too-small room, missing out on a sold-out event or having to cancel entirely if your destination is fully booked.

Be Flexible

Speaking of dates, try to have an alternative travel window or three, if possible. Being locked into one time frame can severely limit your choices, and having plentiful choices is one of the genuine pleasures of travel planning. 

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Divide and Conquer

We always recommend one room for mom and dad and another for the children, whether that means connecting rooms or a spacious suite. Parents need their own space to unwind at the end of the day, and kids love having a hotel room all to themselves.

Take Advantage of Hotel Services

The point of a family vacation is to spend quality time together, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend every second locked at the hip. Many properties offer dedicated children’s services, including daycare and special activities for teens and younger guests, which will give you a relaxing moment to get a couple’s massage at the spa.

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Seek Out Your Passion

We always ask our clients about special interests their children have and what types of activities the whole family enjoys. Then we take that information and help you plan unique experiences in your destination, such as securing event and museum tickets or scheduling a day trip your kids will adore.

Pad Your Schedule

Always add some valuable downtime to your schedule. As your group grows larger, wrangling everyone from one activity to another grows harder. Moods, interests and health are also likely to change, so having extra time built in can keep stress levels down and give some free time for everyone to recharge. Plus, it allows genuine moments of spontaneity to occur, which often create special family memories.

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