Voyages to Antiquity

On a Voyage to Antiquity Cruise you are transported to South East Asia, the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegean and Red Seas, where you will explore great architecture, ancient civilization, culture and art.

Operated as boutique cruises, you will love these small group expeditions with personalized services, enrichment activities longer stays in ports of call.

Cruisenet Tours & Travel Inc is prepared to make your next cruise a one of a kind experience with a Voyage to Antiquity. Your tour will be outfitted with lecture programmes that will introduce to things you need to know about the outstanding itineraries and destinations outfitted for you. Your destinations are selected because they are not always the most popular, and this will ensure that your voyages create forever memories.

Our team of very experienced travel professionals will ensure that you are outfitted with destination-rich itineraries, travel with experts, visiting fascinating sites and at great prices.