Three Secret Ingredients to the Perfect Family Beach Vacay 

Beach vacations are the go-to getaway from the everyday; it’s hard to think of something more relaxing than lounging seaside with a cold drink in hand. But making the most of any family getaway to a tropical locale entails more than just picking a beach and packing up your swimsuit. Here are our three top tips for ensuring your next family vacation is a blissful dream come true.

Photo: Family vacation

The right flavour of tropical bliss

Not all beaches are the same; making the most of your family trip means finding the sunny shores that match your family’s vibes. Maybe you’re looking for a beach lined with palm trees that seem to sway to reggae, and beyond them, rainforest-coated mountains teeming with day-trip adventures; Jamaica would be the obvious choice. Or, perhaps you’re imagining caramel-hued sand beaches and a balance of zest with Zen; the sunny shores of Cancun or Cozumel might be your ideal choice.

All-inclusive enhances the carefree

Sure, every beach is bound to bring with it a calming aura you couldn’t replicate in a land-locked place, but trust us when we say there are levels to this. Most resorts will certainly offer a breezy time, but all-inclusive resorts are the crème de la crème when it comes to rest and relaxation. Roll out of bed at any hour you like before sauntering over to the buffet; no matter if your family is full of early birds or late risers, breakfast (or brunch, or lunch) will be fresh and waiting (and at no extra cost). Enjoy building sandcastles with your little ones while tropical fruit smoothies (or piña coladas for the parents) and lunch are delivered to your beach chair. Ditch dressing up for dinner and make a pillow fort in your room for movie night with the whole family — room service is more than happy to cater the screening.

Photo: Family resort

Exclusive perks sweeten the deal

You’d think it’d be hard to find a deal sweeter than an all-inclusive oceanfront property — but that’s where our travel agents enter the picture. Their place within the travel industry is as a provisioner of industry-wide secrets and savings, your go-to for exclusive travel tips and deals … a vacation whisperer, if you will. In this case, their close ties with Palace Resorts promises your family vacation will be carefree; after all, our agents know Palace Resorts well, so we can help you choose, plan and book your family vacation to perfection. With seven 5-star, family-friendly, all-inclusive oceanfront resorts spread between Mexico and Jamaica, there’s an abundance of flavours of paradise to choose from. When there, every day is an escape — whether it’s the quintessential beach day, the Kids Club for the little ones (complete with arcade zone, playground and movie theater), the Wired Lounge for teens (stocked with the latest state-of-the-art games and unlimited ice cream) or the world-class spa facilities for the parents. The most stressful question you’ll have to deal with is: How do we want to relax today?

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